Best Practice SEO In 2017

Search Engine Optimization is a game that webmasters constantly update so as to stay ahead of the game. The changes involve the introduction of new tactics while observing a lot of the basics of SEO. As we look forward to the second quarter of 2017, the online e-commerce community will need to keep an eye out for several optimizations techniques and find ways of implementing them to ensure they make their mark on the internet.

5 Best SEO Practices For 2017 That You Need To Know

1. Mobile Apps SEO

The number of mobile users grows in double digits every year, and this may increase in the next few years as more sophisticated mobile devices are introduced into the market. Nearly all the current mobile gadgets run on applications (apps), and there are thousands of apps developed every year. Each aims to market something while toting to better the mobile user experience. The apps have become link building, advertising, and marketing platforms and are projects to overrun the effectiveness of websites. As such, optimization focused on leveraging mobile apps will be the most significant SEO game changer in 2017.

2. An Increased Implementation Of Localized SEO

60% of the searches done over that last two years focused on local results; this is an issue that can be attributed to the introduction of the Pigeon Update by Google. Some webmasters were quick leverage the updates and thus shifted their SEO strategies to ensure they met what the end user required. Much of the search relied on local information from sources such as ads. Localized SEO will, therefore, be a huge influence in the optimization plinth in 2017.

3. Higher Social Media Content Prominence

Much of the optimization strategies employed this year for social media content and marketing will aim at achieving a higher ranking on SERPs. It is a move that makes sense given the fast growth of social networks that register hundreds of new users each day. Moreover, the social networks are efficient gateways that link business and customers across different markets; thus, the networks have become an important marketing platform. A major SEO practice in this year will be the growth of brand names in the social media networks in regards to building a stable rank in brand name search results.

4. Higher Focus On Mobile Optimization

The online user has become more mobile than ever, people are traveling for leisure and business and at times find a way to achieve both thanks to the internet and the introduction of all manner of devices such as tablets, smartphones, and laptops. As such, they have a constant internet access giving them the capacity to conduct their business at any place, any time. It is this rapidly growing and every changing trend that calls for a higher focus on developing and implementing practices that focus on optimizing all aspects of web optimization for mobile users. Things such as having excelling website designs that are mobile friendly and will excellent UI (User Interface) will be at the forefront with content layout following suit.

5. Voice Search Function

It is easier to do more with actions that work using voice commands that manual inputs; this is the growing preference among many people who are constantly on the move, especially when driving. Search-on-the-go is the trending concept that aims at address this new demand, and it will include voice activated online searches as well as the sending of messages, emails, and making and receiving calls as well as doing small reports. It is a trend that the current and next generation will heartily embrace, and thus Google, Bing, and other bit search engines are keen on making upgrades that will ensure flawless voice-responsive assisted searches. It makes sense to start looking into the same voice-responsive capacities when developing your SEO strategies for 2017.

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