Key Cutting Service

How key Cutting Services Can Save You Stress

There are few moments in life that are more frustrating and stressful than finding yourself locked out of your home or car because you have lost your keys. Even the most diligent and organized person will occasionally forget to take their keys with them, leave them in the office, or lose them because they fall out of their pockets. Lost keys do not have to be a crisis, however.

You can save yourself a lot of stress and hassle by taking advantage of key cutting services to get spares made. Ideally, you should keep a spare set of keys in a secure place in your home, another set in your wallet, and a set with your neighbors – assuming, of course, that you trust them. This means that if your keys get stolen or you simply forget to take them out with you, you will not end up locked out of your home.

Keep your spare keys on a keyring that is distinctive looking, but that does not have any personal information on it. It is never a good idea to include your address on the key ring, because if a thief finds the keys they will then know which house they unlock. If you want to make it easy for someone to contact you if they find your keys, provide an email address or phone number instead.

Make sure that the keys you purchase are made of a strong and hard-wearing material. Note that some cheaper key cutting services use soft materials that can bend or warp easily. If your keys get jammed under a heavy weight, they could become damaged, and then get stuck in your lock. This is not something that you want to have happen on a cold, dark and wet evening!

Cellbi provide both key cutting and lock replacement services, and use only the best materials. If you are locked out of your home we will be happy to come out and help you. If you have a spare key and would like to have copy made then we can do that for you while you wait. We even have a selection of materials and key ends so that you can pick a distinctive looking and appealing key design if you wish. This service is ideal for making keys for children, because kids love to show off brightly coloured designs and are more likely to take good care of their keys if they like the way that they look.

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