10 Fantastic Ways To Increase The Value And Appeal Of Your Home

If you are a homeowner, then you know already know that it comes with a bunch of responsibilities along with the joys and benefits of being in your own place. No matter how much you like your home, you may want to sell it at some point. Whether because you are moving to a different city, the house is no longer the right size for your household or some other personal reason, you want to do everything possible to get your home sold as quickly as possible once you have put it on the market. These ten suggestions are great home improvement projects that will make your home more appealing and valuable to others.

One: Transform Your Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is the most popular room in a home when people are in the market for buying a new house. It is quite often the first room that potential buyers will look at. Because of this, you need to do everything you can to grab their attention in yours.

The cabinets are a great place to begin. If you can afford to replace them, go for it! However, you can get just as much effect for a lower price by replacing just the doors. If you have the skill, you could even take them all down, sand and refinish them for a fraction of what new ones would cost. A kitchen remodeling company like Mintconstruct (a Gold Coast Builder) can perform a process called re-facing if you’re on a budget. This will have your cupboards looking like new again.

If the cabinet finish still looks pretty good, you may opt instead to simply replace all of the knobs and handles in the room. Use coordinating hardware that brings out the style of the room.

Two: Update Your Kitchen Appliances

Mismatched or outdated appliances in the kitchen can really hurt your image when it comes to selling your home. If your appliances are in good shape and are reasonably new, you may want to replace the door and face panels so that they all match.

kitchen appliances

In some cases, you may discover that the door you have on your dishwasher or other appliances is reversible. If not, it is an inexpensive way to make the kitchen have a more cohesive appearance.

Three: Don’t Forget the Kitchen Sink!

If the current sink is old, replace it with something more modern. You can upgrade the faucet to one of the larger ones that work well when you have large pots that need cleaning. You should also have a sprayer attached to the sink.

Four: Make Your Floors Fabulous

Throughout your home, the floors need to look appealing if you want to sell your home. If people can see visible stains or extensive wear on the carpet, it will turn them off. The same is true for old linoleum that is scuffed up.

The best choices for you regarding your floors will depend on several factors, including what is currently beneath your carpets. You may be able to have your filthy carpeting removed and polish up the hardwood that is beneath it.

Five: Spruce Up Your Bathtub and Shower

After the kitchen, the bathroom is often the next place people go when looking at homes. Everyone enjoys a luxurious bath or shower and having a tub that looks like a great setting for one is a great selling point.

Replace any loose tiles or redo them entirely for a fresh look. Change the fixtures so that showering is something that people want to do when they look at it. Consider a shower head that has vibration, pulsing and waterfall effects.

Make sure that there are no mold or mildew growths or stains in the tub. What you cannot get clean, replace. For instance, the glass shower screens can be replaced easily and cheaply by contacting a company like Screensnmore who travel all over Brisbane and the Gold Coast installing replacement frame-less and semi fame-less glass shower screens

Six: Attractive Toilets

While you may not want to invest thousands of dollars into a toilet that has a heated seat and a bidet, you also don’t want one that is stained or simply looks dingy. You can replace the entire unit if the bowl looks bad inside.

On the other hand, if it is still in good shape, you can find a great new seat and lid to spruce up the appearance of your toilet. Make sure that all of the toilets in the home look nice.

Seven: Install New Siding

Stepping outside of the house, you need to take a long hard look at the exterior finish. Depending on how long you have owned the home and the upkeep it has been through, you may want to touch up the paint at the very least.

install new siding

However, if you can afford it, new siding is a better option. Go for a mid-quality siding that is designed to work well in your climate and that looks attractive. You should consider the aesthetic value of your home and the neighborhood.

Eight: Have Your Yard Professionally Landscaped

Unless you already devote a decent amount of time to taking care of your lawn and garden, you should hire a professional landscaping company to make sure it looks fantastic.

landscaping ideas

This should include having all of the walkways and the driveway edged and weeds removed throughout the property. If you have hedges, bushes, and trees, they need to be trimmed.

Nine: Decks Are Beautiful

Many people love to hang out with friends and family outside. Just Decks is a professional deck builder who can erect a deck that is a perfect place for these types of get-togethers. Add one to your home to appeal to those who do not want to be stuck indoors all of the time. Make sure to include a ramp access. Pergolas and patios are further awesome ideas for transforming your outdoor areas.

Ten: Replace Your Windows

Chances are your windows need to be replaced. Opt for those that are attractive and energy efficient if you want to get the attention of buyers. You can purchase windows with double or even triple panes to minimize the effects outside weather has within your home. You can even add window shutters for street appeal.

Eleven (bonus!): Blinds, Awnings and Shutters

Talk to a local window treatment expert such as Affordable Blinds & Shutters about beautifying your windows, inside and out, with blinds, shutters, and awnings. It’s amazing what a little colour and style can do for the look of the home and it’s value to a potential buyer!

Twelve: Decorative Concrete Driveways

Decorative driveways have a lot of street appeal and can increase the value of your home significantly. Find a local company who can do this for you and make sure that the concrete is tested before pouring.

If you want to sell your home quickly once you put it on the market, doing these 12 things greatly increases your chance of success!

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